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Watch Dogs 2 - Mods v1.0

Game Name: Watch Dogs 2
Game Source: Steam
Game Version: 1.0
Game Process: WatchDogs2.exe
Game Engine: Disrupt Engine

Available cheats

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Battery
Add Followers
Ignore Research Points


  • Easy Anticheat needs to be disabled for this trainer to work!.
  • How to disable Easy Anticheat: Uplay

    Go to Game Properties in Uplay and click on Edit next to game launch arguments. Enter -eac_launcher and click Save.

    With version 1.07, you need to add the command to steam too.
    How to add command line argument to steam

    Right click on game in steam and go to Properties. Click Set Launch Options. Enter -eac_launcher and click OK.
    You should get this message in game if EAC is disabled successfully

    You may need to restart your PC to unload the service if it isn’t disabling after doing all that^.
    Note: With new versions now you have to launch it from a shortcut.
    Make a watch dogs 2 shortcut then add the -eac_launcher command line parameter to your WatchDogs2.exe shortcut.

How to use this game mod?
The instructions are similar to using Cheat Engine Tables
  1. Install Mod Engine
  2. Search for game and select the available mods
  3. Select the game process similar to using Cheat Engine.
  4. Click on or press hotkeys for each trainer option you wish to activate
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