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Tales of Berseria - Mods v1.0

Game Name: Tales of Berseria
Game Source: Steam
Game Version: 1.0
Game Process: Tales of Berseria.exe
Game Engine: Zestiria Engine

Available cheats

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Gald
Unlimited Katz Spirits
Unlimited Souls
Unlimited BG
Super Combo
Unlimited Items
Massive XP Gain
Save Anywhere
One Hit Kills
2x XP Gain



How to use this game mod?
The instructions are similar to using Cheat Engine Tables
  1. Install Mod Engine
  2. Search for game and select the available mods
  3. Select the game process similar to using Cheat Engine.
  4. Click on or press hotkeys for each trainer option you wish to activate
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