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Greedventory Mods v 1.0

Game Name: Greedventory
Game Source: Steam + Microsoft
Game Version: v 1.0
Game Process: Greedventory.exe
Game Engine: Unity

Available cheats

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Stamina
Unlimited Money
Custom Gold
Quick Slot 1 Quantity
Quick Slot 1 Cool Down
Quick Slot 1 Price
Quick Slot 2 Quantity
Quick Slot 2 Cool Down
Quick Slot 2 Price
Quick Slot 3 Quantity
Quick Slot 3 Price
Quick Slot 3 Cool Down
Quick Slot 4 Quantity
Quick Slot 4 Price
Quick Slot 4 Cool Down

How to mod (video)



These mods were tested on Steam version but perhaps work for other version too.

How to use this game mod?
The instructions are similar to using Cheat Engine
  1. Install Mod Engine
  2. Search for game and select the available mods
  3. Select the game process.
  4. Click on or press hotkeys for each trainer option you wish to activate