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What is Mod Engine?

Mod Engine is a pc game modding tool similar to Cheat Engine designed to help you with modifying single player games running under window so you can make them harder or easier depending on your preference and enjoy playing games your way.


* Contains game modifications aka mods for thousands of video games

* New games added daily!

* Vibrant gaming community of fellow game modders

* Simple intuitive design to get you modding fast

* Trainers and Cheat Engine tables style fast plug'n'play design

* Completely free!

* Lists mods for all game versions so you can choose the perfect mods for your version

* Hassle free Auto-updating

* and so many other features

What is a Mod Table?

Mod Table is individual mod inside Mod Engine app that contains mods for a game. They can range from simple mods such as unlimited health, ammo to complex ones as camera hacks, teleportation etc. Mod tables can be made by anyone and are usually shared with the community subject to approval by staff.

How to use Mod Tables?

In a simple few steps.
  1. Open Mod Engine
  2. Search for your game
  3. Select Game Process from the processlist
  4. Click on or press hotkeys for each mod you wish to activate

Where can i download Mod Engine?

You can always download Mod Engine from its official website -
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