22 Options · Game Version: 1.0 · Last Updated: 2021.11.04


  1. Activate Trainer
  2. Set Money Value
  3. Set Money
  4. Free Purchases
  5. Unlimited Sanity
  6. Disable Ghost
  7. Reveal Ghost Type
  8. Ghost Type
  9. Increase Player Walk Speed
  10. Decrease Player Walk Speed
  11. Reset Player Walk Speed
  12. Increase Player Run Speed
  13. Decrease Player Run Speed
  14. Reset Player Run Speed
  15. Increase Game Speed
  16. Decrease Game Speed
  17. Reset Game Speed
  18. Unlimited Salt
  19. Unlimited Pics
  20. Bright Flashlight
  21. Player Walk Speed
  22. Player Run Speed


These cheats should work for Steam version of Phasmophobia.

  1. Set Money Value: Enter/Exit Item Store and buy something after using this cheat.
  2. Ghost Type: Enable Reveal Ghost Type Cheat before using this. Load a level to show ghost type.
  3. Player Speed: Load a level before using this cheat.